Diocesan Provident Fund (DPF)

About the DPF

Building the future for the Diocese of Wagga Wagga

The Diocesan Provident Fund (DPF) was established by Bishop Henschke in 1961. The DPF exists solely for the benefit of Diocesan agencies, ministries, parishes and schools and other related Catholic entities.

The DPF provides a full range of financial services to the Diocese of Wagga Wagga including Investment Accounts, Loan facilities and Transactional solutions and is an indispensable part of the Finance Strategy of Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga.

The DPF operates on a “not for profit” basis whereby annual surpluses are distributed to Parishes, Clergy, Schools, Infrastructure and Restoration funds, Charitable and Pastoral Works and retained by the Diocesan Provident Fund to ensure its ongoing financial stability.

Our mission

Building the future for the Diocese of Wagga Wagga.

Our commitment

The Diocesan Provident Fund is committed to:

  • Maximising the use of Catholic Church funds by providing competitive Loan and Investment rates to our Parishes, Schools, Religious Orders, and agencies of the Diocese;
  • Managing the funds invested in the Diocesan Provident Fund prudently, ethically and profitably for the good of the wider Church;
  • Endeavoring to provide a stable and equitable interest rate environment;
  • Assisting Parishes, Schools, and other Catholic Church organisations with a high standard of personal customer service in a range of financial products and support in the form of advice and expertise;
  • Providing efficient and cost-effective transactional services to our clients;
  • Continuing to support the Mission of the Church in all aspects of our activities;
  • Providing a surplus so that the charitable and pastoral works of the Diocese may continue;


For enquiries about any of our services, please contact the DPF office on 6937 0099 or by email at dpf@wagga.catholic.org.au.

Products + Services

Financial services tailored for you

The Diocesan Provident Fund offers a range of products and services that can assist in managing and processing daily transactional needs, growing investment returns and meeting long term funding needs. A summary of our Products and Services are listed below:

Transactional Accounts

The Diocesan Provident Fund provides a range of transactional accounts that allow you to manage transactions with ease. We provide a competitive rate of return on your funds and do not charge account-keeping fees.

eCommerce solutions

Innovative payment solutions are available to provide you additional flexibility for the collection of Service fees, Bpay Biller and Qkr! By MasterCard (schools only)

Corporate credit cards

To assist with managing expenses, corporate credit cards are available through our partnership with CBA. Having a corporate credit card enables you to make regular purchases in-store, online and over the phone, and reduces the need for manual payment methods such as petty cash and issuing of cheques.


We provide flexible and tailored Loans to Catholic Church entities to fund a range of purposes:

  • New Construction.
  • Acquisitions, Renovations, Refurbishments and New Technology.

Merchant Services

We offer a range of merchant services:

  • Payments in Person (EFTPOS)
  • Recurring Payments from debit or credit cards and accepting payments online (BPoint)

CDF Online

Enables Catholic Entities to access accounts online at any time to:

  • View balances, transactions and statements;
  • Transfer funds and upload creditor payments and make BPAY payments.

Merchant services

Online payment portal facilities

A merchant service facility enables organisations to accept a transaction payment through a secure (encrypted) channel using the customer’s credit card or debit card directly into your DPF account. Through the relationship with the CBA, we can offer our clients’ access to both EFTPOS and BPOINT (an online payment portal) facilities. If you would like any information regarding any of the merchant facilities below, please contact the DPF office.


Having an EFTPOS terminal on-site allows you to take card payments from customers for uniforms, school fees, donations and fundraising payments, in person or over the phone. Having an EFTPOS terminal not only reduces the amount of cash you are required to keep on the premises, it also helps you to reconcile your accounts as the payments taken through the EFTPOS terminal are deposited (or ‘settled’) directly to your merchant account with the DPF each day.

Albert is the Commonwealth Bank’s new EFTPOS tablet. In addition to processing EFTPOS transactions you can download Commonwealth Bank apps and third party apps tailored to your organisation. The device has WIFI and 3G connectivity. It’s portable and can be used anywhere. It also includes the ability to print, email or text a receipt.

Albert tablets can be arranged for one-off functions or for short term or long term use. There are no contracted terms.


BPOINT is an online payment tool that gives your customers the ability to pay you online, over the phone or via regular recurring payments using their debit or credit card.

You can use the BPOINT portal to process one-off payments, batch payments and refunds, and also schedule recurring payments for your customers so you never have to remember to get their details again.

Your BPOINT page can be customised with your own branding. Customers simply go to your web page, click on a payment button and enter the details from their invoice to direct the payment to your DPF account.


There are 3 BPOINT facilities that you can take advantage of, depending on your needs:


BPOINT Back Office is the basic BPOINT platform and allows users to:

  • Perform single transactions;
  • Perform multiple transactions from different cards at once;
  • Mobile friendly payment and login pages;
  • Ability to upload batches of payments for processing;
  • Built in reporting and search functionality on transactions, including rejections;
  • Ability to set up payments as once-off for a future date;
  • Ability to set up recurring payments.


BPOINT Checkout includes all the features and functionality of BPOINT Back Office with the added feature that allows anyone to make payments directly to your agency, securely through an Internet payment page on your webpage.

  • The ability to store all card details securely;
  • The ability for your customers to process payments to you via a secure internet page;
  • Software integration capabilities.


BPOINT Enterprise is the premium BPOINT offering that has all the functionality of BPOINT Checkout with the added features of electronic form capabilities and direct messaging to your customers.

eCommerce Facilities

Digital payment solutions

What is E-Commerce?

Any transaction that is completed solely through electronic means can be considered an e-commerce transaction.
Australians are increasingly choosing digital payment methods over cash and cheques. This is mainly due to the convenience factor of digital payments. It is our experience that customers want to be able to make payments when, where and how they like. Having an e-commerce solution available to customers provides this convenience.
Through the DPFs relationship with the CBA, our customers can take advantage of a range of different e-commerce solutions.


QKR! is an innovative and cost-effective solution for schools that accepts payments from parents for a range of different services including:

  • Tuckshop orders;
  • Excursion payments, incorporating permission slips;
  • P&F activities, including fundraising;
  • School activity programs including music, sport, laptops etc.;
  • Event ticketing; and
  • Various other school payments.

Qkr! is a self-managed platform giving schools the flexibility to customise payment pages for ongoing or one-off events as required. Qkr! offers desktop and mobile applications for both Apple and Android users, allowing parents to make payments at any time.

Through our relationship with the CBA, the DPF is able to offer this exclusive MasterCard product to our school customers.


A Corporate MasterCard facility can be arranged to enable individual credit cards to be issued for selected employees.

Features of this product are:

  • A credit card that provides up to 40 days free credit
  • Cardholder’s name will appear on cards
  • Cardholder may use the card in EFTPOS networks
  • The cards are accepted worldwide for emergency cash advances and payment of goods.
  • A statement is issued monthly.
  • On a monthly basis, cardholder’s balances are cleared to the nominated DPF account, by automatic transfer
  • No annual fee

This product is sourced through CBA’s Corporate Card Services and may also be used instead of petty cash, however, if cash is required, cash access is also available through ATMs.


BPAY is a bill payment service that enables customers of participating financial institutions to pay a wide variety of bills. To allow your customers to pay you using BPAY, you will need to become a BPAY Biller.

This is an option for schools to give parents the ability to pay school fees direct from their financial institution account via phone or internet banking using the BPAY service.
Through our relationship with the CBA, the DPF is able offer the BPAY Biller functionality to our customers.

If you would like any information regarding the process and requirements to become a BPAY Biller including invoice formats, customer reference numbers, how to apply and any associated costs you can contact the DPF office.


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