SRE Code of Conduct + Complaints Policy

SRE Code of conduct

Purpose of the code

The purpose of the Code is to promote a common understanding and consistency in expected standards of behaviour for workers, religious and all those working and/or volunteering in child related work.

The Code is not intended to be exhaustive and do not identify every potential scenario of concern in the workplace.

Download the code of conduct policy

Download the SRE Code of Conduct

The Code assists to:

clarify the parameters of appropriate and inappropriate conduct for personnel in child-related work
create a safe and supportive environment for children and young people, workers and the wider community
promote the mission in accordance with Catholic values and ethics.
The Code is aimed at modeling and building a contemporary Catholic workplace that is faith-filled, collaborative, consultative and lawfully compliant.

The Code requires:

workers to take responsibility for their own conduct with children and young people, staff, the wider school, parish and diocesan community
workers to conduct themselves in a manner that is professional, cooperative and consistent with the Code
principals/supervisors/managers and leaders to provide workers with guidance, training, support and supervision.

SRE Complaint policies and forms

To submit a complaint, please refer to the SRE complaints policy guidelines and complainants forms.

SRE Complaints Policy Guidelines

SRE Complaints Policy Guidelines

Complainants Form

Complainants Form