SRE Teacher Qualifications & Requirements

Also known as a Catechist, the SRE Teacher is a volunteer who is approved and authorised by the bishop on the advice of the parish priest to teach or assist with the religious education of Catholic children attending public schools in the Diocese of Wagga Wagga.

SRE Teacher: Qualifications, Requirements + Application Forms

It is the responsibility of the diocese to provide initial and ongoing training for catechists who undertake the mission of teaching the Catholic faith to children in public schools.

Training, formation and reflection opportunities are offered in each of the deaneries throughout the year. Mandatory child protection & mandatory reporting training is currently held every two years- even years, e.g. 2022, 2024. All SRE personnel are required to participate. Volunteers are currently required to update in classroom management strategies and implementation of the curriculum every two years. Training sessions are held in each deanery every two years- odd years, e.g. 2021, 2023. All SRE personnel are required to participate.

What qualifications are required?

A Catholic SRE Teacher (Catechist) should:

  • Have a strong personal commitment to the faith with a concern for the spiritual growth and wellbeing of children;
  • Endeavour to transmit by his/her teaching and behaviour the teaching and life of Jesus in union with the Magisterium of the Catholic Church in whose name they teach;
  • Be willing to undertake the necessary training in order to develop the knowledge and skills required in this ministry; and
  • Be a citizen in good standing with the legal requirements in working with children.

How to apply

  1. Make yourself known to your parish priest (If you are new to the area, a reference from your previous parish priest or parishioners may be required).
  2. Complete the Catechist Authorisation Documents (see Training, Documentation + Forms section) including:
    • Working With Children Check (WWCC)
    • Teacher Engagement Form
    • Diocese Wagga Wagga Code of Conduct in the Protection of Children and Young People
    • Child Protection
    • Code of Conduct Introductory Training
  3. Once your authorisation has been processed you will be issued with a lanyard containing your Identification and Green Authorisation Card.
  4. SRE Teachers and Helpers are required to wear a lanyard containing their Identification and Green Authorisation Card whenever they are on school property for the purpose of SRE.  They are also required to carry photo ID (eg driver’s licence) and be prepared to present this upon the request of the school.

More information

The full SRE authorisation procedure is is detailed in the following document:
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine – SRE Authorisation Procedure

Post Authorisation Recommendation

Once you have obtained your authorisation to go into schools it may be beneficial to spend some time as a helper with an experienced catechist before taking your own class. Speak to your parish priest or the Parish SRE Coordinator to arrange this.

Training materials, documentation & forms

Reading Materials

  • SRE Child Protection Training Reading Material and Response Sheet
  • ICCOREIS Handbook Chapter 6
  • Child Protection and Code of Conduct Introductory Training

Catechist Authorisation Documents

  1. Working With Children Check (WWCC)
  2. SRE Teacher Engagement Form
  3. Diocese Wagga Wagga Code Of Conduct in the Protection of Children and Young People
  4. SRE Child Protection and Code of Conduct Introductory Training
  5. Under 18 Student Catechist Declaration Form

SRE Training – Face to Face

Classroom Management Training is being offered at a variety of dates and venues around the Diocese. The schedule for 2023 will be available here when it is finalised.

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RSVP’s essential:   Confirm your acceptance to attend one of the scheduled sessions – or 02 69370003