Walking With Love – Pregnancy Support

Walking With Love - Pregnancy Support

“Being able to express the love is so important for healing.”

                           Dr. Theresa Burke                           

Inspired by an ethos of care and respect for human life, forgiveness, and healing, we strive to:

  • “Walk with Love” alongside pregnant women;
  • “Walk with Love” alongside women and men who are suffering the effects of abortion
  • “Walk with Love” alongside those whose child has been diagnosed with a disability or illness
  • Educate others about practical ways to “Walk with Love” and to use loving language

Walking with Love is an initiative which aims to assist Australians with support and resources as they face the personal tensions and ethical doubts during the experience of  pregnancy and when facing other issues arising at the beginning of life. Walking With Love strives to provide this support in a relational and person-to-person-approach way.

The first aim of Walking with Love is to provide resources so that caring people can accompany women in their pregnancy journey, and to meet any challenges together.

For more information, resources and support, go to: Walking With Love