Review of Vianney College Seminary

Review of Vianney College Seminary

In the first half of 2021, Bishop Anthony Randazzo of Broken Bay and Sr Isabell Naumann, head of The Catholic Institute of Sydney, conducted a visitation or review of Vianney College.  The seminary review was conducted to ensure that Vianney College is as good as it can be, provides continually better formation and is as beneficial for our students as possible.  We want it to be outstanding, and our diocese deserves this ambition of us.  Our priestly formation must be of the highest quality, particularly now as greater responsibility falls to fewer people. We strive for a Seminary that is excellent in every area and appropriate for our Diocese.

I think it is a very good report and it rings true with what I know of the seminary and am very encouraged by it.  I am deeply grateful to Bishop Randazzo and Sr Naumann for their labour, insight and wisdom.

The report makes 20 recommendations.  Three of the recommendations are highly recommended. The three recommendations relate to the development of the human formation plan (recommendation 4), the appointment of a Pastoral Director and the formation of a Pastoral team (recommendation 8), and the use of CPE (recommendation 10). Other recommendations that seem very important to me concern governance (recommendations 2 and 16) and recommendations regarding appointments of Spiritual Director and Pastoral Director and the development of Position Descriptions for the residential formators (recommendations 1, 6, and 8). After governance and policy, the next most important thing to get right is the key people and ensuring clarity for the key people. This together with good governance is foundational to making any organisation successful.

The report of this visitation is now publicly available on this website.  Also on the website is a response from me to each of the recommendations and the first steps that we are taking to implement them.  I invite you to respond to the report or its recommendations and to make suggestions about how to implement the recommendations to me at

+Mark Edwards OMI

Bishop of Wagga Wagga

Report – Review of Vianney College Seminary

First Steps in Implementing Vianney Review Recommendations