Plenary Council 2020: Listen To What The Spirit Is Saying

Plenary Council 2020: Listen To What The Spirit Is Saying

Photo: Port of Beirut taken days after the explosion. Image courtesy of Rashid Khreiss

In October 2021, the Catholic Church in Australia will gather for the first Plenary Council to be held since the second Vatican Council. In 2018, the entire People of God in Australia began preparing for this historic moment by listening to God, by listening to one another’s stories of faith.

For more visit the Plenary Council 2020 website for the latest information on the work of the Council.


Work recently began on the development of the working document – or instrumentum laboris – with the document drawing heavily on the first two preparatory phases of the Council journey: Listening and Dialogue and Listening and Discernment. The voices of more than 220,000 people across the country, as well as discernment and writing papers on each of the six National Themes for Discernment, are being considered alongside Church teaching, Scripture, papal documents and a range of other sources – within and beyond the Church – in preparing the instrumentum laboris.

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