Diocesan Covid Protocols – Effective Friday 24th December 2021

Diocesan Covid-19 Protocols

The following guide outlines protocols for managing the safety of Diocese and church patrons. Effective Friday 24th December 2021.

  1.  If you are unwell, stay  home.
  2. Singing – Permitted.
  3. Maximum Attendance – No capacity limits.
  4. Funerals and Memorial Services No capacity limits.
  5. WeddingsNo capacity limits.
  6. Hygiene Practices
    1. Face Masks are required in indoor settings, subject to exemptions. Liturgical Ministers may remove masks while on the Sanctuary.
    2. Priests and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to wear masks while distributing Holy Communion.
    3. Sanitisation of hands before entering the church, hall, prayer room, etc. to continue.
    4. Priests and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to purify hands with sanitiser before and after offering Holy Communion.
  7. Register of people upon entering the Church, Hall, Prayer Room, etc. is required.
    1. NSW Government Covid-Safe QR Code is the preferred record-keeping option.
    2. Name, phone number and entry time to be recorded and kept securely for at least 28 days.
    3. Any paper-based records must be entered into electronic format within 12 hours.
  8. Eucharist
    1. Holy Communion may be received in the hand or on the tongue.
    2. Sacred Host to be offered only, not the Precious Blood.
    3. Touching at the sign of peace is permitted at the congregant’s discretion.
    4. Offertory processions are permitted.
    5. Collection plates are permitted.
  1. Communion to Sick and Elderly Persons – Normal pastoral practice continues including Communion to sick persons in hospitals, aged care homes and private homes.
  2. Anointing of the Sick – Normal Pastoral Practice continues.
    1. Anointing of the sick in hospitals, aged care and private homes if permitted to enter.
    2. If the person has COVID-19, please consult the Bishop’s Office.